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SoccerProject Players calculator :

Hidden skill, individual matchorder and performance of the players sold.

1. Open the SoccerProject screen Players-transfer-list in Menu Team/ Transfers/ Buy player
2. "Open" all players either clicking each player (without SPFA) or all with magnifier tool (with SPFA).
3. Mark all the players as in exaple on right. Use Ctrl+C for copy of data.
4. Set the position in which player is (eg. LF)
5. Klick in text area and press Ctrl+V. Press the button "Calculate".

!!!Real market prices depend on a lot of variables and can differ significantly from the estimated price given here!!!

performance of the player from :

Agresivity of the player up to:

Hidden skill from:
NameAgeHidden skill +- 3RatingAgr.Perfor-mance age20>Max Perfor-mancePokyn 1Pokyn 2Pokyn 3PriceMarket price