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26.01.2008 : Added test version of players value.

We added the value of the sold players as promised before.
Currently it is under testing and only for the position GK. Later on we will do it for all players positions.
The players value - the target is not to set up prices in SoccerProject. It should only inform some kind of average market price of the players.

08.12.2007 : Battle Strategy brings you the Calculator for SoccerProject also in English.

Completed calculator for calculation of team performance .Thanks to Frrfrr the Battle - strategy .com brings you the calculator for SoccerProject also in English.
Battle - strategy .com is very thankful for this translation.
If everything goes by the plan in near future we bring you update for price calculation. ;-)

24.11.2007 : Online Teams Calculator, update.

We have added test (beta) version of the calculator for the calculation of the performance of the team .It offers real data about current and maximum performance and much more other information. You may run it also from here
Dont forget to read the guide.;-)

13.11.2007 :Online Battle Strategy runs also under Firefox, update.

Added another Online Soccerproject calculator. You may use it mainly by the search of the suitable players for purchase. It offers real data about players sold as calculated Hidden skill, individual matchorder, current performance, Glogal rating and other important parameters of the player. You may run it also from here Before usage read carefully the guide. ;-)
We started also a forum where you may read the tips of one of the best managers of Soccerproject, manager Frrfrr.

03.11.2007 : The first, update.

During the night I did not want to sleep so here we got the first update.
Update brings (except some system improvements) calculation of actual Global performance and Global performance @100% morale rounded to 2 decimal places.
Plus calculation of actual performance of the player what is usefull to find out the performance of opponents players.

01.11.2007 : Creation of the webpage.

Start 1.0 beta version of webpage Battle - Strategy .com .
The target of the webpage is the test of new technologies and development of the new online strategies . The webpage from the begining will bring guides and help features for various already existing online games.

At the beginning it brings the support for Soccerproject as a calculation of players hidden skill, as well as players individual matchorders. The same time soon in guide you may find Hints of manager Frrfrr ;-)

in the next version we try to bring the forum and calculation of the performance of the team.

So, cross the fingers that we are not lazy and to keep the webpage regularly updated ;-)
Webpage is currently optimised only for IE.